Top 5 Pick for Baby Wraps and Baby Slings

I have always been ’babywearing’ my little one right from birth. The initial reason was a convenience for me. To go about my day and accomplish my daily chores of almost everything! It gives me the peace of mind knowing that the little one is in my arms safe and happy. As time goes, it was not just convenience anymore, its everything! Babywearing really saved me. Now I find it to be a necessity. I wouldn’t go anywhere without it because, with it, I could do anything, I could go anywhere, anytime!

For centuries woman all over the world have been wearing their child, so it’s not something new. Back in earlier centuries ago, there were no strollers. There were no carriers. Woman babywear their child with just a piece of cloth tied together, tweak and fidget the linen around the baby’s body to adjust best and viola! It customary in many cultures to wear their baby. It offers a lot of benefits too. Not only it’s calming for the little one, but it also gives them the warmth and security while being held close while strengthens the bond between you. Studies show that it also helps in your little one’s development, physically and emotionally.

Worry when the little one having a meltdown? Latch them on. It’s incredible that it promotes breastfeeding. In time as you get the hang of babywearing your child, breastfeeding your little one on the go would be such a breeze. Supermom on the go.

Check out my top 5 picks of baby wraps and slings.

Baby Wrap Carrier by Keababies

Baby Wrap Carrier All-in-1 Stretchy Baby Wraps – Baby Carrier – Infant Carrier – Baby Wrap – Hands Free Babies Carrier Wraps – Baby Shower Gift – One Size Fits All (Classic Gray)

The Baby Wrap by KeaBabies is made using stretchy yet sturdy fabric to keep the little one’s weight to not strain your back and shoulders even after a long period of usage. The little one will be nicely snug right against your chest with you. Baby wraps are known to calm and soothe the baby by being held close to you. KeaBabies does just that for me. The little one mothers with infants who can’t hold their head will find having this baby wrap a lifesaver.

The baby wrap is made of one size that fits for all mothers! Small or bigger size mothers, it can really fit for you. It comes with a clear and easy to understand instruction so don’t worry about thinking how to get the loops done thinking you’re too big for the wrap. You can easily put your little one in and out of the wrap multiple times even without taking the wrap off.

With all the wrap covering your front chest, it could give a great cover when you are breast pumping. I admit it takes after a few uses to become a pro at how best to position your little one. Practice makes perfect.

Baby Wrap Carrier for Infants and Newborn by MUMMA

Baby Wrap Carrier for Infants and Newborn by MUMMA – Luxury Velvety Finish & Breathable Peruvian Cotton – Reversible with Pocket – Breastfeeding Comfort Sling Swaddle – Black

The MUMMA Baby Wrap is lightweight and made by premium top quality Peruvian cotton type fabric with a touch of spandex keeping you and your little one comfortable and dry through the skin to skin contact. The fabric feels silky smooth. It snuggly fit your little one well against your chest and it is perfectly soft. Mumma wraps has a wide strap to keep the weight of your little one comfortably supported by your back and shoulders. It has a reversible pocket that you can use to keep the bibs, cloth wipes, and diapers. It is a wrap that fits for all sizes.

Mumma wraps are for multiple uses! Besides providing an excellent width for breastfeeding, it doubles as a nursing cover and postpartum belt. This baby wrap too won’t feel right the first time using it. Practise makes perfect. Keep trying on the wrap to find the best position for you and your little one.

Mebein Baby Ring Sling by MEBEIN by Touche de la Nature (Grey & Rose)

Baby Wrap Carrier Ring Sling-Luxury Extra Soft Turkish Cotton Muslin Grey Rose

The Mebein Baby Sling made 100% from Turkish Cotton Muslin. The double face woven gives you the choice to use the color you like. The light grey side or the pink side. The fabric is ecofriendly and becomes smoother, softer and more absorbent after every wash. The material is soft and luxurious, perfect for baby’s sensitive skin. With 74.5 inches length, it’s a baby sling that fit for all sizes.

Because of the cotton muslin fabric too made the baby sling climatic easy. Its breathable fabric keeps your baby cool during the summer and warm in the winter. I love baby ring slings that are made out of cotton. Not only it really super easy to use after some practice, but it’s also thin, lightweight and the fabric withstand countless washes which will be a super plus point for us, parents!

Pura Vida Baby Ring Sling

Luxury Ring Sling Baby Carrier – extra-soft bamboo and linen fabric – lightweight wrap – for newborns, infants and toddlers – perfect baby shower gift – great for new Dad too – nursing cover

The Pura Vida Sling material is made from bamboo and linen. The softness of the bamboo fabric makes it easy to adjust through the premium unwelded rings that are lead-free with safety tested for strength. The linen fabric makes it breathable and amazingly perfect for warm sunny days and it also has a warming effect in winter. The flax for the linen made absorbs sudden temperature changes and had outstanding moisture absorbance. What’s awesome too about the fabric is its anti-bacteria! Bacteria can’t thrive in the fabric, so it doesn’t get smelly! It’s perfect for mommies and daddies on the go.

Spoilt with 12 color choices on Amazon, you’ll be able to pick your most favorite color to brighten your day. The Pura Vida baby sling is over 6 feet long so it fits for all sizes. It’s great for beginners and after a couple of time practicing, you’ll be able to babywear your little one like a pro. I love the fact the Pura Vida ring slings are also super easy to wash.

Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling

Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling Baby Carrier for Infants and Toddlers (Summer Rainbow)

The Hip Baby Wrap is made from 100% cotton. The beautiful and amazing colors of eco-friendly, hand-loomed, breathable fabric with top quality aluminum sling rings easily makes it become one of the favorite sling rings out there. The lightweight material makes the Hip Baby Wrap cooler on warm days and super adjustable while fitting and carrying your little one. I find it to be more of a casual baby ring sling and it is super easy to use after a couple of practice. Be patient, it will be worth the effort.

The Hip Baby Wrap fits for all size. Now as a pro baby ring sling carrier, it only takes me about just 10 seconds to get my little situated. I still nurse my little one in slings, so I’m a happy Momma!

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