Sight Words and Vocabulary Development

A child reading a book - Sight Words and Vocabulary Development

The Joy of Discovering My Daughter’s Talent My heart swelled with pride when I realized that my little one could read at the age of 2. At first, I thought she was just mimicking the sounds she heard, but soon I understood that she was actually reading! In this blog post, I’ll share my experience … Read more

Syllable Awareness Games for Kids: Reading Journey

Syllable Awareness Games for Kids

Discover engaging syllable awareness games for kids that will help build a strong foundation for their reading and writing skills. Make learning fun! As a mother, I’ve had the joy and privilege of watching my daughter grow and develop her language skills at an early age. To my amazement, she started reading when she was … Read more

Engaging Rhyming Games and Activities for Children

01 children playing rhyming games - Engaging Rhyming Games and Activities for Children

Discover engaging rhyming games and activities for children that boost phonemic awareness and develop essential reading skills in a fun and interactive way. As a mother who witnessed her daughter’s early reading abilities at the age of two, I can’t help but feel proud and excited about her future. One of the key factors that … Read more