Oral Language Development Activities for Kids

mother and child - Oral Language Development Activities for Kids

Learn about oral language development activities for kids from a mother who taught her child to read at age 2. Discover the benefits and how to implement these activities at home. The Importance of Oral Language Development in Children As a mother, I have come to understand the vital role of oral language development in … Read more

Read and Discuss Books Together With Your Child

Read and Discuss Books Together With Your Child - Mother and daughter reading together

Introduction Discover the importance of reading and discussing books together with your child, and learn practical tips to make it a valuable learning experience. As a mother, I always knew that reading and discussing books with my child was important. But when my daughter started reading at the age of 2, I realized just how … Read more

How to Be a Reading Role Model for Your Child

How to Be a Reading Role Model for Your Child - parent reading to their child

Discover practical tips and strategies for becoming a reading role model for your child. Learn how to choose the right reading materials, create a reading-friendly environment, and make reading fun and interactive. Plus, find out about a program that can help support your efforts to promote literacy development at home. Becoming a Reading Role Model … Read more

Make Reading Fun for Your Child with Props

Make Reading Fun - sitting together with a book and props

Make reading fun for your child using props! Dive deep into creative techniques to engage and excite young readers at home. Making Reading Fun with Props As a mom who saw my daughter reading at just 2 years old, I know firsthand how important it is to Make Reading Fun for our little ones. I’m … Read more

Establishing a Reading Routine for your child

Establishing a Reading Routine

Learn to establish a reading routine for your child, inspired by a mother who taught her 2-year-old to read, and explore a remarkable learning program! Brief background of the mother and daughter Hello fellow moms! I’m thrilled to share my story of how I taught my little girl to read at just 2 years old. … Read more