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Back in January, the Covid-19 was still known as the Corona Virus, and the situation wasn’t announced by the World Health Organization as a pandemic yet too. Fast forward a month later, cases of infected people and death toll spiked up, our daily life has pretty much changed almost instantly. Governments urging its citizen to stay put at home, some countries are already on lockdown and some on restricted movement.

The way that the current Covid-19 virus as we all know it spreads mainly from person to person. Droplets that fly out when we cough or sneeze moves through the air and land on surfaces that are around us or on the floor. Most flu-like viruses can live up to 24 hours on plastic and metal surfaces. So imagine this, when you touch surfaces like the doorknobs or the elevators’ buttons that are contaminated with germs and viruses, you will never realize that your fingers get caught onto it. The virus is invincible to the naked eye. Because it is invincible and that at times because of our human habit, you could be unconsciously touching the areas on your faces like the eyes, nose, and mouth. Your eyes, nose, and mouth are the known entry portals for these germs and viruses to spread itself.

We became more vigilant in taking care of our cleanliness and the cleanliness around us. We started to make mask-wearing an important habit whenever we step out of our homes. We have also always armed with hand sanitizers and other self-cleaning product in our hand-carry bags in case water and soap is not available near us. From then on in our mind, as we step out of our homes, we couldn’t help thinking about what we could have caught onto us out in the open. We remain vigilant and with reminding ourselves and others around us to practice social distancing.

It is the utmost importance to keep yourself clean especially during times like this by regularly washing your hands with soap and water.

You do not necessarily need antibacterial soap to kill harmful germs and viruses. Any kind of soap and water if used properly is good and can help to keep our hands clean and safe. Soap consists of surfactants which are the cleansing ingredients that create foam and break down oil, grease, and soil so they can be removed from the skin. The surfactants from the soap help to trap it and water helps us further remove the harmful germs and viruses.

The act of washing your hands if done correctly plays an important role in making sure you are washing it in the most effective way. It can be the best first line of defense against the spread of germs and viruses. Spend at least 20 seconds to thoroughly wash your hands. Watch the simple step by step guideline video below on washing your hands in the most effective way that can help you slow down the spread of illnesses from harmful germs and viruses.

Watch the Video

Avoid the COVID-19 Coronavirus and Wash Hands Like a Pro

Keep safe everyone! Remain vigilant and always remember to keep those hands clean, practice social distancing, and stay home!

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