How to increase milk supply

Ever wonder how those mommas that’s breastfeeding their children keep on having a strong supply of milk coming out from their body? And you’ve tried so hard to keep on producing milk but you don’t seem to have a good supply of breast milk as you expected. It’s normal to feel left out and even think that you’re doing a bad job providing the best for your little one. Many moms like me out there are facing the same problem with producing breast milk. Most of the time at the end of that frustrating journey, we moms either pick a trick or two or simply would give up trying entirely.

In time along my journey, I found a few useful important tips and routines and can help to increase the milk supply. It sometimes surprises me how simple and inexpensive it can be. At 36 months of breastfeeding journey and counting, I can say that I am still happily breastfeeding my toddler. Though my milk supply decreases as she grows older, it is expected as it is part of the “demand and supply” system. I will touch on that below. Here I compiled 5 most important tips that can help you to increase your breast milk production and supply.

Chug those water.

Water plays an important role to keep you hydrated. Yes, pretty simple and I can’t swear enough by it. I live by drinking as much water as I possibly can to ensure good production of milk supply. When we breastfeed, we remove and lost the milk from our bodies, and we lost millions of cells, proteins, and nutrients in the process. In order for our body to keep producing the milk after breastfeeding, we need to replenish so the body is able continuously to produce a good supply of milk. I can’t stress enough how important it is for mothers that breastfeed to keep hydrated throughout their breastfeeding journey. Always keep a good amount of water nearby within your reach to keep it a great habit in increasing and maintaining milk supply.

“Eat like a cow”

It’s true they say, when you breastfeed you’ll get the hunger pangs very fast. You will hear phrases like “Eating like a cow” which is so true. When you are producing milk, part of your diet goes to milk production as well. It takes up a lot of energy; you burn a lot of energy when producing milk hence sometimes it is making you feel like you’ve been working out. Your body is definitely working full time around the clock to produce the much-demanded milk breast. It is definitely It is as important to keep on replenishing your lost diet to keep the milk supply flowing. There are a few examples of food that are known to increase the milk supply. To list a few are such as Oats, Fenugreek seeds, Rice, Grains, and Other High Fiber food.

Keep on nursing

It is crucial especially during the first month of your little ones breastfeeding journey to start bonding with you through the skin to skin contact. Your little should be with you from the moment your little one is born. This should establish and make the bond stable for your breastfeeding journey and beyond. It is recommended that mothers should go on nursing their little one until they reach their first birthday. The “breast is best’ they always say, and which is true, with all the beneficial content in breast milk but it will not always be easy.

The breast milk production works around the clock with a demand and supply system. The more milk is removed and emptied from the body the more the body feels the need to replace it. Try to empty as much milk as possible for the breast to start reproducing more milk. Using a breast pump to express the rest of the breast milk from the body after breastfeeding could definitely be a major help. The body takes the queue from this process, realizing the demand for more breast milk to keep on producing for your little one.

Keep reminding yourself of the end game of this breastfeeding journey that you have chosen in the first place. Bear in mind too, that time flies when your little one grows. There will come a time when this will come to and you and your little one will benefit from the fruits of the bond you both have created.

Rest Well.

After all that hard work your body has made in producing milk, nothing beats a good rest for the body to recover. Taking enough sleep and naps are very important to tolerate those around the clock feedings especially when you are up at night. Relax, and take it easy. Put no pressure on yourself as having a relaxed, stress-free this can actually affect your milk production positively.

I was at that stage when I got all stressed up during my breastfeeding journey and I actually saw the decrease in my milk production. Sleep when the baby sleep, they say. With being a full-time stay at home mom without a helper, the chores aren’t going to do itself. The laundry are not going to wash by itself, the plates aren’t going wash by itself. The only time I could only do all this is when the baby is asleep. Then there I would go, trying to complete as many chores as I can, to end up feeling so overwhelmingly tired and frustrated at the end of it.

I eventually learn to take it easy, one step at a time. And I had to force myself to not overdoing the things that are sometimes are out of my control. I have a little one to think of to put a priority on my well being. Do not hesitate to ask for help if you need. It is okay to ask for help because we are not superhuman.

State of mind.

I save the most important tips for last because nothing, nothing comes more important than this. Your state of mind. Put words in that mind that you are able to do anything. Believe and trust in your body that you are able to provide and nurse your little one.

You will hear stories from other mothers that they have a hard time to produce milk. Subsequently giving you whatever causes the issue. Don’t let that hinder you. Keep on believing that you can do it. That you are able to do because let us accept this, our body is created and made as it is. As simple as believing and trusting your own body, allowing it time to find its way on how to work it, you will find as you progress in your journey, it gets easier. It will be a learning process because there is no escape to it.

A first-time mom who decided to embark on this journey will definitely go through an almost similar process. It takes a village to support a breastfeeding mom. Get support from the people around you. Get support, advice, and tips from your doctor. Join a support group. There are many breastfeeding mothers in those support groups. Mothers who are more than eager to have and support your back in growing throughout your journey. One needs time to learn how to go about it. In a matter of time, you will rock the breastfeeding journey like a pro. Be positive and keep going.

So there you have it above. The 5 most important tips that I find works very well on me. I positively think it could help you to increase and maintain your breast milk supply too. Keep going at it, maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. You’ll be surprised at how easy and simple the breastfeeding journey can be for you. Don’t sweat about the small stuff. Enjoy every second spent with your little one because time really flies like in a blink of an eye. They grow up so fast and cherishing those bonds you have at that very moment is a lifetime experience. All the best Mommas!

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