How to stop toddlerS from crying to school

Tips to stop toddler from crying to school

Hello, dear parents! Today, we’re going on a special adventure to stop toddlers from crying to school. Sounds like a tall order? Don’t worry, together, we can turn those tears into cheers! Transitioning to School The Challenge of Transitioning to School We all know about this big challenge, right? Helping our little bundle of joy … Read more

Create a Cozy Reading Nook To Encourage Reading Routine

Create a Cozy Reading Nook

Learn how to teach your child to read at home, create a cozy reading nook, and discover the benefits of early reading skills. Transform your child’s future. Introduction As a mother, I’m always amazed at the potential our little ones have! My daughter, who could read at the age of 2, has been my inspiration … Read more

Establishing a Reading Routine for your child

Establishing a Reading Routine

Learn to establish a reading routine for your child, inspired by a mother who taught her 2-year-old to read, and explore a remarkable learning program! Brief background of the mother and daughter Hello fellow moms! I’m thrilled to share my story of how I taught my little girl to read at just 2 years old. … Read more

Keep those hands clean

Reviews for Moms Wash Hands Like a Pro

Back in January, the Covid-19 was still known as the Corona Virus, and the situation wasn’t announced by the World Health Organization as a pandemic yet too. Fast forward a month later, cases of infected people and death toll spiked up, our daily life has pretty much changed almost instantly. Governments urging its citizen to … Read more