Best Top 5 Breast Pump Bags

Do you have a Spectra pump and want a breast pumps bag that is stylish and practical?

Be it if you are a working mom or stay at home moms, you will eventually will need to have a breast pump bag to keep your breast pumps and it’s parts pieces safe together in one place. Having one will definitely give you the ease and extra hand. From going to work or simply running your errands to visiting relatives and friends, it simply able to make me well-prepared while on the go.

What’s important to look in a breast pump bag is it’s carrying, convenient and practically. Heads up, I love pockets and pouches because it keeps mine on the go items organized without much effort.

Check out my best 5 top picks of breast pump bags for your Spectra pump.

Lil Elephant Breast Pump Bag

“When I looked at other bags on the market I saw a lack of stylish, affordable bags that I could carry to work…because who wants to pay $180 for a pump bag? I was inspired by the simple yet chic style of the moms I saw on a recent trip to London and I wanted to bring that essence to the US.” – Livia Parker, Chief Designer

Lil Elephant Breast Pump Bag - Reviews for Moms

Lil Elephant Breast Pump Bag – Premium Pumping Bag for Spectra, Medela Breastpump | Stylish Tote Breastpump Bags for Moms | Breast Pump Bags and Totes

Lightweight and easy to carry with lots of room to spare. The design is simply simple, looking like just another regular bag and nobody would think you’re carrying a breast pump bag. It looks very chic too. It fits for most portable breast pump and I would say this again, with all that already packed in the bag, it still has more rooms to spare. The bag has an insulated compartment and foam padding to keep milk cold for hours when using ice packs. It is perfect for the working moms on the go with a slot to carry your 13-inch laptop. Another inside compartment could even fit a bigger laptop. Keep your water bottles, makeups, and other necessities along. The high-quality material is canvas like material which makes it easier to maintain. Clean and wipe. It is simply designed for mom life.

Zohzo Lauren Breast Pump Laptop Tote

Zohzo Lauren Breast Pump Laptop Tote - Reviews for Moms

Zohzo Lauren Breast Pump Bag – Portable Tote Bag Great for Travel or Storage – Includes Padded Laptop Sleeve – Fits Most Major Pumps Including Medela and Spectra Breastpump (Black)

The Zohzo Lauren Laptop Tote is a durable, lightweight professional laptop tote and breast pump bag in one. It is a stylish, practical and it fits for the most portable breast pump. The front pocket turns to a zip-down sanitary workstation with double pockets and picture holder to hold a picture of your little one hence can greatly help with your lactation. Put the picture of your little one while pumping away. It has two side pockets to keep your breast pump and another to keep your cooler.

It comes with an adjustable, removable crossbody strap and non-slip shoulder strap. A mesh drawstring bag is included in the bag to keep your “after pumping” accessories such as the breast shields, protectors and bottles. You can also slot in your laptop in the padded compartment inside the bag. I love how simple the bag looks with its beautiful gold hardware keeping the look of the Zohzo Lauren tote discreet so it doesn’t shout pumping bag. The bag is ever ready for your pumping session with ease.

Momcozy Pump and Diaper Backpack

Breast Pump Backpack, Momcozy 27L Large Capacity Diaper Bag with Maternity Baby Nappy Changing Pad, Waterproof & Multi-Pockets, Fit for Breast Pumps Like Spectra, Lansinoh, Avents, etc.

This Momcozy Diaper Backpack is a perfect combination of fashion and function. It’s stylish and is made from high quality and waterproof fabric. It fits for the most portable breast pump. The bag is lightweight with 23 L large capacity or equivalent with a maximum of 25kg bearing. Keep your breast pump at the right side of the pockets and the left your tissue. It has 3 insulated pockets and a padded laptop/tablet pocket that can slot in your 15-inch laptop.

There’s a total of 16 storage pockets to organize your item on the go inclusive of a back Anti-theft zipper pockets to keep your valuables. It lets you decide where the items should be placed for your convenience. I also love the fact that I can hang the backpack on to the stroller because it comes with extra stroller straps and d rings. We all love having an extra hand and it’s perfect for travel because it’s made for on the go convenience. As an extra bonus of the bag, Momcosy included with an easy wipe-clean changing mat.

Momcozy Carryall Breast Pump and Diaper Bag

Momcozy Carryall Breast Pump and Diaper Bag - Reviews for Moms

Momcozy Breast Pump & Diapers Bag, Large Capacity Nappy Tote for Travel – Wide Open & Waterproof, Fits Most Brands Breast Pumps Like Medela Spectra, Lansinoh, Philips Avent etc.

Another pick from Momcozy. A stylish and durable carryall breast pump bag with a decent size of 15.6L capacity. It fits for the most portable breast pump. It is made of high quality and waterproof fabric. There a total of 12 pockets to organize your on-the-go items. This includes 2 side pockets wherein one of it you can store the breast pump. You’ll find the bag has 3 insulated pockets hence a convenient way to keep your bottle of milk warm. There’s a pocket specially designed for a notebook as well. It can hold up to a 13inch laptop. The zips work smoothly. Above all, I love how versatile the bag can be. From having it switch from a carry at the handle bag or to a cross shoulder bag. Momcozy also includes a stroller straps and d rings to able you hanging the bag on the little one’s stroller.

Sarah Wells Lizzy Breast Pump Bag (navy)

Sarah Wells Lizzy Breast Pump Bag (navy) - Reviews for Moms

Sarah Wells Lizzy Breast Pump Bag (Navy)

Stylish pumping tote suited for any occasion. The bag is easy to use, durable, lightweight while looking stylish at the same time. It can be carried by the shoulder straps or crossbody straps. It fits almost any portable breast pump in the market. Both sides have thermally lined pockets. This pockets can help secure your breast pump, breast milk, and accessories. The thermal line pockets can store the milk for up to 6 hours while packing with ice packs. It also has an exterior slip pocket for quick and easy access to smaller your items. In total there are 7 pockets available to organize your items on the go. You can also fit laptops up to a diagonal 15inch. It brings great value to your pumping journey. I love how the design is also discreet that no one could have guessed it is a pumping bag.

There you have it. My pick for the best top 5 for Breast pump bags. Each bag is unique, and with each creator brought in their special features making today’s breast pumping bag made for modern moms. All details are carefully thought of in creating and designing a bag for our motherhood lifestyle. The bags that are durable, practical and also stylishly discreet. As I mentioned earlier on, I love pockets and pouches. Look no further on getting external pockets because these bags have it. These features make life easier when it comes to organizing the items I have to bring along. There is a place for everything, and everything has its place!

Do leave your comment below which is your favourite breast pump bag!

Keep Calm and Keep Pumpin’!

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